THESE THEMS – Episode 7 – The Gay Agenda is real

In the Season 1 finale, we see how our core four are navigating their week. Gretchen has… a LOT of sex. Vero plans for their new queer party at Three Dollar Bill in Bushwick. Kevin devises a way to win Asher back. Asher experiences what it’s like being out as trans at work. The four main characters come together at Vero’s party, which includes another musical number, lots of feelings, and – spoiler alert – a happy ending.

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Created & Written by Gretchen Wylder (@gretchenwylder)
Directed by Jett Garrison (@jettgarrisonla)
Produced by Sophia Clark (@sophiaestelle)

Gretchen Wylder (@gretchenwylder)
Vico Ortiz (@puertoricaninja)
Shaan Dasani (@shaandasani)
Nick Park (@nickparkactor)

Special thanks to Three Dollar Bill in Bushwick for their location usage.
Special thanks to Babeland for toy donations.

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