Out With Dad – Season 3 – Trailer

From: OutWithDad

Out With Dad returns with their biggest and best season yet! Life is getting more complicated as school starts again. Rose and Nathan experience new highs and lows in their lives. How 'out' is Rose prepared to be? Is Nathan ready to tell Rose about his relationship with Angela? Can Vanessa be who her parents want her to be? What does the future hold for Claire and Rose?

Get ready for the new twists and turns in Out With Dad, the continuing story of a teenage girl, struggling her way out of the closet with her supportive father by her side.


  • Pumpkinstew

    There is a new Nathan?!!! I’m sure this actor is great, but i have grown accustom to seeing the previous actor as Rose’s father, i guess i’ll have to wait and see how this season turns out

    • Amanda

      Oh yeah. i think they announced that a while ago. The other Nathan wasn’t available unfortunately. I think they did a whole “meet the new Nathan vid”. I believe it’s on the site somewhere