Check out the sneak peek of "Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together" a new feature film by the Director of "Hannah Free" Wendy Jo Carlton. The film is currently touring the festival circuit and a list of screenings can be found at:​synopsis/​

Jamie and Jessie Are Not Together is about two queer girls whose codependent, loyal friendship is fraught with erotic tension. As they struggle with the gray areas of love and lust, Jamie and Jessie must figure out either how to grow together or how to grow apart.

Sneak Peek Clips:
ELIZABETH has a Boat - A new woman in Jessie's life takes her sailing (featuring Marika Engelhardt as Elizabeth).
BLIND DATE #2 - Jessie tries to make sense of yet another scary blind date. (featuring Laura Chernicky as Lisa).
ON THE BEACH - Jamie shows up late again with bad excuses. (featuring Jacqui Jackson and Jessica London-Shields).

OML Exclusive: Jamie and Jessie are Not Together – Sneak Peek

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