The Centre – Season 1, Episode 2 – What To Do With The Silence

From: OneMoreLesbian

Leoni, a Namibian woman living in Berlin, tries hard to forget the deep and devastating experience that sent her reeling from a settled life in a small town in Namibia, to running a resource center for immigrant women in the German capital city.

Now another tragic event, and her growing feelings for a young female doctor, threaten to break open old wounds from which she’s not sure she could ever recover.

"What to do with the Silence", is a low budget production, shot on location in REHOBOTH, (NAMIBIA) and BERLIN(GERMANY)

It is the 2nd Episode of the series, The Centre- a web series telling stories about the lives and loves of African Women living in Berlin.

Created by: Naomi Beukes-Meyer
Directed by: Eddy Ballardi
Starring: Naomi Beukes-Meyer and Birgit Stauber,
Daphne de Klerk, Timalen Jose, Senga Brockerhoff, Mirya Kalmuth, T'Neeya, Zoa Wustrow, Ashanti Beukes, David Ndjevera and Bobby Kaanjosa.