• Calisky3

    I loved Astrid Ovalles acting. She was into the character and was into her scenes. When I watch lesbian movies one important key element is how the characters are portrayed and if their passions and feelings are coming across as they should. Ms Ovailes did a great job at that, but I think they could have gotten her a more involved co-star. Otherwise the short film was lovely.

  • DeliaP

    I don’t see this film winning any awards it ran completely off its
    course from the screenplay itself ms Ovalles needs to continue her
    acting classes and her writing classes. Sorry but I just don’t see this
    going anywhere low budget cheap acting and my question is “who did the
    PR for this short story? Forget about it don’t bother spend the $3.99
    elsewhere. Bad script bad acting! Absolute junk.