Baby Boy Joy for Sara Gilbert & Linda Perry!

First of all a massive congratulations to the beautiful couple on bringing a healthy baby boy into the world! Sharon Osb

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Kristen Merlin Is the Voice

Our favorite from Season 6 of The Voice, Kristen Merlin is back with Boomerang.

“Boy Meets Girl” Is Heartwarming, Groundbreaking, Has Cute Queer Kissing

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Police Seek Victims Of Attacks On LGBTQ Community In Ottawa

Ottawa police want the victims of four “serious” physical attacks against members of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexu

Slovenia lawmakers approve same-sex marriage, gay couple adoption

Slovenian lawmakers have approved same-sex marriage and child adoption by gay couples amid opposition from conservative

Italian Lesbian Teen Couple Faces Abuse, Threats Of Rape Because Of Their Love

Imagine walking down the street with your boyfriend or girlfriend and not being able to hold hands. Imagine being beaten


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